Meeting minutes 11/20/2023

Tarrant County Libertarian Party Executive Committee
Business Meeting

Date: 11/20/2023 7:31 PM
Attendees: Daniel Bledsoe, Vice Chair
Sean Sparkman, Secretary
Teresa Rushing, Treasurer
Old Business

New Business
Appoint Daniel Bledsoe as the Chair of Tarrant County LP
Motion by: Sean Sparkman
Seconded by: Teresa Rushing
Passed by Acclimation
Nominate Sean Sparkman as Senate District 23 SLEC Representative
Motion by: Daniel Bledsoe
Second by: Teresa Rushing
Passed by Acclimation
Nominate Trey Holcomb as Senate District 10 SLEC Representative
Motion by: Daniel Bledsoe
Seconded by: Teresa Rushing

Digital Assets Recovery Report
We are currently working on getting control of the domain name again which is the first step to getting back to the rest of digital assets, but discord would have to be recreated. We are currently awaiting documentation from state to request domain ownership verification.

By-Law Committee Report
Lex Green gave the report on the by-law committee’s work. This includes the region change.
Daniel Bledsoe will post the by-law changes on discord and facebook, so people can read it before the convention.

Festivus Report
Trey found a place for Festivus at Witten’s on the Dec 23 at 7:00 PM.

Daniel Bledsoe motioned to adjourn the meeting 7:45 PM.

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